Short-Term Rental Survey

Welcome to the conversation on Short-Term Rentals!

The purpose of this consultation is to explore the local issues related to short-term rentals and to determine how to move forward in Oliver as it relates to Zoning Bylaw amendments.

A short-term rental is a home, or a room in a home, carriage home, suite, that is rented for less than 30 days at a time, e.g. daily, by weekend, weekly or bi-weekly basis to visitors who return to primary residence elsewhere at the end of their stay. 

The Brief is available to read here.

Short-Term Vacation Rental Survey is now closed.  

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RESIDENCY - Please answer questions about where you live.
The link to the Brief is found above.
EXPERIENCES - Please answer questions about your experiences with short-term rentals
BENEFITS - Please answer questions regarding benefits of short-term rentals
Increases or maintains property value
More accommodation options for visitors - improving experiences
Cultural exchange of residents and visitors
Offsets the cost of housing for full-time resident homeowners
Provides additional disposable income to homeowners
Offsets the cost of the property for part-time residents/owners
Provides additional revenue for property investors who don’t use their units
Parking/snow clearing/traffic problems
Noise disturbances from commercial uses
Loss of community feel, empty neighborhoods, rotating neighbors
Inflated real estate prices
Reduces the availability of long-term rentals
Erosion of the commercial tax revenues/base like that from hotels and other businesses
Unfair tax advantage over legitimate commercial accommodation properties like B&B and Hotels
Reduced options for affordable housing
MANAGEMENT APPROACHES - Please answer questions about how short-term rentals should be managed by the Town of Oliver
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