The Town of Oliver provides curbside collection of recyclable materials for all residential dwelling units inside the municipal boundaries. Garbage collection and recycling calendars for 2019-2020 may be viewed or printed by clicking on the Calendar. Click here for a list of what is accepted as recycling in your carts and what is NOT accepted.

Monthly Schedule

2019-2020 Collection Schedule - Click Here

Depot Recycling

Click here for a detailed material list of what items can be taken to the recycling depot located at the Oliver Landfill.

Wood and yard waste composting is also offered at the Oliver Landfill. Wood and yard waste are free of charge under 500 kg per load.  Click here for more information on the Oliver Landfill.


For more information on recycling, including information on where you may take materials not listed above, please call the BC Recycle hotline at 1-800-667-4321. or visit the Recycling Council of BC at their website,


Rural Recycling

Rural Oliver residents receive a similar service from the regional district, although collection schedules differ from those used inside the municipality. Please refer to the RDOS website for further information.