Animal Control

Dog Licensing and Control


All dogs within the Town of Oliver must be licensed. The basic fee for an annual Town of Oliver dog license is $25.00 ($30.00 after the due date).  A dog license provides peace of mind that your dog can be returned to you if it is found. If your dog is picked up by the Bylaw Officer, having a license will reduce the first impoundment fee and will avoid costly ticket fines.

Licenses may be purchased at the Town hall. A maximum of two dogs may be licensed on any property within the Town of Oliver.

Dogs are not permitted to run at large. When in public areas, dogs must be on a leash at all times. Dog handlers must clean up after their pets and must be in possession of bags or a scoop for this purpose, whenever walking a dog off the owner's property. 

Municipal handling fees for dogs are defined in Bylaw 1224 and are listed below:

License Fee Annual   $25.00
after due date     $30.00
not spayed or neutered plus   $20.00
declared aggressive plus   $50.00
Lost License     $5.00
Impound   First $50.00
    Second $100.00
    Third $250.00
    Fourth $500.00
Impound (Aggressive)     $1,000.00
Boarding Fee (per 24 hours)    

$35.00 per day

plus 15%

Fee to Destroy     Cost plus 15%
Not Licensed   First


Not Licensed   Second and Subsequent $100.00
Not wearing a License     $25.00
Animal at Large (not Aggressive)     $25.00
Animal at Large (not Aggressive)     $50.00
Aggressive Dog at Large     $200.00

In addition to above the fees, municipal tickets may be issued for too many dogs, dogs at large, unsecured dogs, failing to clean up after your dog, etc.

For a full description of animal regulations including times and locations where dogs are prohibited and where dogs may be allowed to go "off-leash", please refer to Animal Control Bylaw 1224 in the documents archive of this web site.

Please call the Town office and leave a message for the Bylaw Officer if you think your dog may have been picked up and impounded.

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